Hello loves! I’m only making this because I need to rant so sorry for this but yeah….

Ok I always for a long time wasn’t feeling prom because well I just wasn’t. But as it started getting closer everyone said I had to go and I decided that I would go. 

Like a month ago or month and a half I bought a dress because I didn’t want to wait until last minute. It’s a rose gold ball gown type dress. Then after I bought it they said the theme was Grecian Gardens, so my dress didn’t fit the theme. 

The only reason I was going to go to prom was because some of my friends didn’t have dates and I didn’t either so we would go in a group. Then they all ended up getting a date EXCEPT ME! 

They said they would find me a date. They did, but then he said that he didn’t want to go. That’s when I decided that I wasn’t going to go because I would not third wheel. Also prom is so expensive like extremely. 

The guy had said he didn’t want to go but then a few days ago he asked me to prom like wtf. I was so confused as to why he asked me when I was told he didn’t want to go. I seriously thought it was a joke so I said “yeah I guess”. I felt really bad bc I said that but I mean prom is next week so! 

Anyways that same day I had to go it a different dress to fit the theme. Since I had already spent money on the other dress I had to go to a store with cheap dresses like a thrift store basically. I found a cute one but it had a small stain and it was ripped a bit. I mean it was really nice and only $50 so I bought it.

I took it to this place to get it altered and they said it wouldn’t be ready until Thursday, wtf prom is on Saturday. Then I still have to take it to the dry cleaners wtfffff! Also the lady didn’t even say how much they would charge for that. Can someone please please tell me how to get rid of a stain for a dress please. 

Then I’ve been trying to get my hair stylist to do my hair that day but she hasn’t responded. Also I have no shoes or accessories for my dress. 

I haven’t even asked for the day of at work so I don’t even know how that will go. 

Moral of the story do not I repeat DO NOT wait until last minute to do things that are very important. 

That is all until the next post!


Easter outfit idea 

Hey loves here is another spring outfit idea but I think this would be a really casual cute easter outfit! 


Daisy Print Denim Shorts: $13 @ Romwe.con 

Crop Top: $14 @ Topshop.com

Pattern Cardigan: $18 @ Walktrendy.com

Canvas Sneakers: $11 @ gojane.com

Total: $54

I really love those shorts! Also I think the caridgan would be cute if you wear it at a three quarter sleeve length. Let me know what you think about this outfit! (:


Spring Outfit Idea

Hello loves! So first of all this post was suppose to be a prom post but like yeah I’m not going to my prom so I didn’t want to post it. I mean unless someone wants me too. (Btw I’m selling my prom dress so if someone wants more info let me know!!) Anyways, today’s post is another spring outfit idea. I think this is such a cute outfit that like maybe you can wear something like it for Easter this Sunday! I will try to do an easyer outfit post maybe tomorrow or Saturday! 


Embroidered Front Dress: $39 @ Maurices.com 

Denim Jacket: $39 @ Maurices.com

Gladiator Sandals: $28 @ jcpenney.com

Leather belt: $19 @ hm.com 

Total: $125

I hope you guys like this outfit idea! Let me know in the comments! (:


Sephora & Target Haul

Hi loves! This post will be another haul! I know you probably think all I do is hauls and the ipsy posts but I am trying to work on other posts to do but I’ve been kind of busy. Anyway let’s get started. 

First I went to sephora and I only bought one thing! 

  Classic multitasker powder brush #45

I bought this brush because I wanted a good brush for my foundation. I asked one of the girls working at the store and she tried to give me an expensive one so I just got this one because I’m trying to say money. 

Then I went to target and bought a few things! 

  The first thing I bought was this Dove hair therapy dry shampoo. I try so hard not to wash my hair but it gets really oily after like two days. I applied this to my roots on two day old hair and after I rubbed it in it still looked oily. I don’t know I didn’t apply it correctly or maybe it thes the brand but I really didn’t see a difference. I know people talk about the batiste dry shampoo. I only got this one because it smells amazing. I only used it once so I’ll try it out some more to see if it works. 

  The next thing I bought was the maybelline fit me concealer in the shade 10 light. I saw a lot of people on YouTube talking about this so I decided to try it out. I have already used it and it has great converge. I like it but it creases a lot. It still creases even after I set it with a powder. If it wouldn’t crease it would be a perfect product. 

  The next thing I bought was the maybelline baby skin pore eraser. I like this product! I use it as a primer and it does cover up my pores! I think it’s great for the price too! 

  I also bought a NYX butter gloss in the shade merengue.  

 This is a bad swatch but when I apply it on my lips it looks like a light pink. It’s really soft on the lips but I like matte finish better or a lipstick. I’m not really sure about the wear of this but it isn’t long wearing. If I wear it to school it’ll last me like 3 hours? At the most maybe. I think this would be good product to apply on top of a lipstick or a lip liner. I know a lot of people like the intense butter glosses and the soft matte lip creams. 

  I bought the elf eyeshadow c brush. I had tried to purchase this online before but it was always sold out so I picked it up at target. 

  The last thing I bought was the maybelline the nudes palette. (Funny story… I saw a YouTube video were kathleenlights talked about a palette and it came with an actually brush. I thought that was cool because it was a drugstore palette. So when I picked this up I was really excited for the brush. I opened it an saw the sponge applicator, I almost lost it. I was so upset that it didn’t come with a brush, I was seriously going to return it. I did go back on YouTube to make sure. LOL turns out the palette with the brush is the wet n wild palette from the fergie collection. The shades are similar which is why I got confused but this palette works.) I like all the shades in this palette and on the back or shows you how to do different makeup looks. This is a good beginner palette because it shows you how to use the shadows in quads, trios, and duos.  

   These are bad swatches. As you can see the light shades don’t really show up on my skin color. The pigmentation isn’t that great but you can use these wet too which I think would work better. 

  My cousin gave me these lipglosses from Ellen Tracy but I have no idea who she is?  

 They don’t have the best pigmentation. I don’t think I’ll be suing these maybe one. I’m thinking about fixing these away. If you want them let me know. I haven’t used them I only swatched them. I’ll probably be keeping the red one because it has the best pigmentation. Or I’ll just give them to like my little cousins.

That is all I bought for this haul! If you want to see a specific review for a product or a makeup look with the palette comment down below. (:

All these opions and pictures are my own and these products were both with my own money. 


Ipsy March GlamBag: Floral Fantasy

Hello lovely followers today is monthly ipsy post! f you don’t know what ipsy is it is a monthly subscription. Each month you get a makeup bag with 4-5 makeup samples and sometimes they are full size products. All this is for $10 a month! 

This is what this bag looks like this month! I like the shade of blue, it looks spring like. It’s cute, I mean I think that a makeup bag is a makeup bag as long as nothing happens to my makeup I don’t really care. 

NYX Cosmetics Butter Lipstick in the shade Little Susie. 

Price: $6.00 

I like this shade, I think it’s perfect for spring and summer. I will most definitely be using this a lot! 

Pūr~lisse Beauty Pūr~Delicate Gentle Soymilk Cleanser and Makeup Remover. 

Price: This is a sample but the full size is $36.00. 

I’m actually going to try this when I remove my makeup. It says it’s for all skin types so hopefully I don’t break out because it’s also a cleanser. 

LeeAnni Eco 3 in 1 Revolution Light

Price: this is also a sample but the full size is (2.0 fl oz) $17.48. 

I don’t know how I feel about this. I have sensitive skin and this is for normal to oily skin and I have mostly dry skin so I probably won’t be trying this out. I mean I think it’s a good product because it’s a toner, serum, and a moisturizer. Actually both of these skin care products in the bag claim to do a lot. 

Crown brush Infinity/Crease Duet Brush 

Price: This brush retails for $17.50 but the website has it for $6.99 

I like this brush. One side is a fluffy side and the other side is very stiff to get a sharp crease. I actually have the Italian Badger Brushes that are also available on the website. The eye brushes are nice but all the face brushes have a lot of fallout hair. I mean they are still nice though. I think I’ll like this brush. 

Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Duo

I don’t think these eyeshadows have a name, the back just says apricot glow. 

Price: this is a sample of the Mesmerizing Mineral Palette priced at $12.00 

This a very small sample. The Palettes have 6 shadows and they have 5 different palettes. I thought this would be a full size duo but no just a sample, that’s kind of disappointing. I like the colors but I think ipsy lacks variety. Of the eyeshadows that I’ve received from them they are all basically the same. These eyeshadows aren’t the most pigmented but they can build up. 

Discount codes!

25% off the butter lipsticks on nyxcosmetics.com when you use the code NYXBUTTER

30% off on any purchase + free deluxe samples on all orders on purlisse.com using the code IpsyMarch30

15% off any purchase on LeeAnni.com using the code ipsy15 

30% off any purchase on crownbrush.us using the code crownipsy30 

20% off any purchase on pixibeauty.com using the code ipsymar15 

I hope these coupons come in handy to anyone that wants to try these products. If you want to see a more extensive review on any of these products comment below (:


Spring Outfit Idea

Hello loves! Today’s post will be a spring outfit idea! Today is my first day of spring break and the weather all week has been in the 70s so I thought it was only appropriate! 

light pink skinny jeans: $60 @ Vila.com

Boho tassel tanktop: $27 @ lookbookstore.co 

Braided gladiator sandals: $18 @ Aeropostale.com

Total: $105

I know this is really simple but I think it’s cute. The weather here can go from one extreme to the other so I think for the weather right now this is appropriate. If it’s still a little bit cole where you are you can always throw a cardigan on top and it will look cute. You could also wear some heel ankle boots with this. 

I know I don’t post that much I want to start doing makeup tutorials or everyday day makeup look posts. I’m not sure yet but I will try to post more! If you want to see some specific leave a comment below and I will that! (:


E.l.f. Precision Liquid Eyeliner Review

Hello loves! Today I am doing a makeup review on the E.L.F. Precision liquid eyeliner. This was requested for me to do when I posted my E.L.F. Haul! If you haven’t seen that post you can do so here

Price: $3.00

 First off I don’t wear wing eyeliner everyday, and I’m not that good at it. I can make a straight line when I put it on and a small wing but that’s about it. 

The tip isn’t that great because it isn’t dense. I think this makes it harder to apply a fine thin line. I don’t like the formula of this product so much. After it dries it looks really shiny but it looks kind of streaky. I can’t explain it but I don’t like it. I mean I guess you get what you paid for but there are better ones out there for a few more dollars. 

Here are a few swatches of it and towards the left you can see that it isn’t as pigmented. You have to use a lot more product to get an intense black line all the way through. 

I don’t know if you can tell the shininess of this but I took this like ten minutes after so it was definitely dry. I don’t like that it looks shiny. I struggled to get this straight line because of the brush. I made a little wing but it I had to use the tip of the brush very lightly. 

I wouldn’t repurchase this because I’m sure there is a better liquid eyeliner that you could find at the drugstore for a few dollars more. I’ll keep using this because I rarely use liquid eyeliner but if you are someone that wears it everyday you probably won’t like it. I haven’t used it so much but I will keep using it to see if I grow to like it. If I do end up liking it I’ll keep you posted on that!

All of these opinions are my own and I’m sure some of you might really like this product but not me, it could be better. 

If you want to see a review on any product, comment down below! 

One last thing I just want to say thanks to Kalli for picking me as a winner of her first giveaway! The giveaway consisted of a set of Jamberry nail wraps. 

This is what the wraps look like. Be sure to check out her amazing blog here. (: